by No Witnesses

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released May 27, 2017

All tracks written and recorded by NO WITNESSES
Mixed and Mastered by Aaron James

Big up Ben and Brad for the guest vocal slots, check out their bands.
Big up the EMHC.



all rights reserved


No Witnesses Kettering, UK

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Track Name: Intro/No Witnesses

Start the slaughter
This is a reckoning
Absolute genocide
No one gets out alive
Track Name: Deluded ft. Brad Harkness of Revelations
Can't take much more
Of your narrow mind,
Pathetic excuses,
To cover up your lies
You call yourself the victim?
You're the one in the wrong
Act like you're better than most
But you're just fucking scum

Surrounded by so many ignorant people
In this world where there's no one to trust
Betrayed by the ones you hold close
Stabbed in the back by the ones you trusted most

I put my faith in you
When there was nothing left I could do
But you are selfish
You're fucking worthless
Your life is built on treachery
You are a traitor
A backstabber
And I will have no pity for you
You spend days drowning in your guilt
But is it fucking worth it?

Is it fucking worth it?


This is the time when we collide
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
You're just a slave to this fucking world
And you will get what you deserve

Your thoughts are controlled by your ignorance
Contorted by your narrow mind
Deluded by your own self doubts
Your conscience lost
No way out
Track Name: Abhorrent
When I look in the mirror
I don't recognise the man I see
A reflection of lifeless shell
An endless struggle inside of me

Barely surviving in this living nightmare
I feel trapped in this endless game
No escape from this forced reality
Where everyday feels the fucking same

And I've told myself so many fucking lies
Trying to escape this state of mind

A voice in the back of my mind
Everyday is a fight to survive

Dragged down by the weight on my back
The constant feeling of being attacked
Living life with a noose round my neck
Only one way to end the suffering

I rot in purgatory
My mind is wasting away
Spare me from this torment of life
Save me from eternity
Track Name: Misanthropist ft. Ben Mason of Bound In Fear
Bring the plague
Upon the earth
Scorn the world
For what it's worth

Exterminate every human being
Cleanse them all from their putrid disease

From head to toe
I watch you fade away
As your blood runs


I have come to rid you of your fucking life
Come to rip you of your worthless existence
I am the bringer of death
I am your worst nightmare


Beg for your fucking life
This is the end of you
Your last breath slips away
This the end of you